Project Management

The Projects module in Planiq is designed for you to keep all your project information in one place. The basic information will include the Client, the Project Manager, Project Members, and Project Dates. To this basic information you can add Files, Activities, Tasks, Products and Services. All this information will make up the Project.  Structurally a project in Planiq is made up of  a hierarchy of Activities, Tasks and Products. You can add as much or as little information into these sections as you wish. The last one Products, are actual products or services that you will use, or have used, in carrying out the project. Product reports can be generated to track progress, or for billing and invoicing using our Invoice module (or your own preferred service). We have included a Gantt Chart function in each project, the chart can be viewed online or downloaded as a spreadsheet for printing or sharing. We have other communication tools like flags for last activity or upcoming activity, and email communication.

Creating A Project

An Activity is the main unit of a Project. Once you have created a Project and entered some basic information about the project, you will create Activities for the project, these can be fairly broad as you can add specific Tasks to each Activity to flesh them out. Each Task can have one or many specific Products and Services which usually would be billing for time, product pricing and any other billing information you may need for Invoicing. In it’s simplest form a project may have one Activity, with one Task, which contains one product.

Gantt Chart

The Chart feature in Projects will give you a visual timeline of the Activities and Tasks. Whatever information you enter when you create Activities and Tasks will be used to build the Chart. As mentioned above, the chart can be viewed online or downloaded as a spreadsheet for printing or sharing.


You can bulk email project members using click to add, or remove members, and attach Files from the Project if needed. Within the Email module you can create and save email templates for future use.


The Invoicing module can be used to invoice Activities or Tasks within a Project (or a whole Project), or you can use it as a standalone invoicing program.