What Is PlanIQ

Planiq is a suite of online Customer Management tools built for individuals and small businesses who want to take advantage of the convenience of online based services and software applications. PlanIQ offers all the advantages of the cloud, such as portability, 24/7 accessibility, and reliable data backup and storage. Also, being able to use the service with smart phones, tablets, and desktop devices is an advantage  It may be the beginning of your CRM journey, or you may be looking for a simpler more powerful suite of tools compared to what you are currently using. Either way, we think you will find Planiq to be a reliable and effective business partner. It was initially built to be a database to record and store customer work orders, which it still does for free.

The Tools

Save time and money is a mantra that is easy to say but most times harder to achieve day to day. By bringing together the tools we have in Planiq, I think we have gone some way to achieving a more organised, and therefore more productive service. The tools you will have access to are Tasks, Orders, Emails, Quotes, and Invoicing. These all interact with the main Contacts and Organisations (customers) databases, with custom Tags which allow you to classify tasks (category field), contacts (tags field) and organisations (tags field) anyway you want.  You can build your own text based email templates for use in sales funnels or to promote your products and services. All of these tools are separate modules and have their own features, as well as being related to and often cross referenced in the contacts and organisation databases. We believe you may find the simplicity of the service a welcome change.


Positive outcomes can come from just knowing a little more about what is going on in your business, and that comes from keeping in touch. How you do that is up to you, but you may find that time spent maintaining and recording your business activity will generate more rewarding personal and business outcomes.


Whatever your business or your vision for the future is, you can utilise Planiq to help you get there. We are thinking about the future too by developing and shaping a service that is intuitive, easy to use and will help you realise your goals.

Free For Individual Users

If you would like to take a closer look at PlanIQ, you can use it for free. We are committed to providing a free version of the service that will allow you to assess (and use) it. You will get access to all of the planiq modules, we are not holding anything back. You can cancel at any time and there is no “Free Period”, it’s just free.


As PlanIQ is an online service with customers all over, the easiest way to contact us is by our email address info@planiq.net. There is also a feedback form in the zendesk Help service. You can be sure we will get back to you, it can take up to 12 hours so please be patient and we will do the best we can. There is also the online help where you may find what you are looking for. Anyway, we do welcome your emails and it is there for exactly this reason, so please feel free to get in touch.